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The Distributed Work:
People & Practices Report

Now is your chance to read the most comprehensive distributed work report to date for people teams.

What can you expect?

This first of its kind report is comprised of the following data:

Unlock the secrets to success in distributed work including:

🌎 The Global Workplace

Explore the forces driving companies beyond traditional headquarters, fostering a more diverse, globally distributed, connected workforce.

💵 Redefining Rewards

Gain insights into evolving compensation trends, uncovering the motivations behind pay adjustments and the future of location-based pay.

🧘‍♀️ Well-Being at the Forefront

Discover how companies prioritize employee well-being, offering practical tips and benchmarks for creating a healthier, more supportive work environment.

💻 The Distributed Work Advantage

Dive into the powerful appeal of distributed work models, including access to a wider talent pool, enhanced flexibility, and improved work-life balance.

📊 Measurable Success

Uncover the key metrics and data-driven insights that define success in distributed work environments.

What are people saying about this report?


“I love that you are doing this.

This data will be impactful to drive meaningful change within distributed teams.”

 Mindy Honcoop, Fractional Chief People Officer & Advisor

Catalina Headshot.jpeg

“This report is a gold mine of information! A must-have for anyone seeking to make informed decisions around distributed work.”

Cataline Colman, Fractional People Leader

Shonna Headshot.jpeg

“This comprehensive report answers so many questions we have on what's really happening and provides rich data.”

 Shonna Waters, PhD, CEO, WatersEdge Consulting


“Just completed the survey and I’m looking forward to the insights!”

Dean Carter, Chief Purpose Officer @ GUILD

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