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"Ask Me Anything" Micro Consulting Sessions

Sometimes you need to speak with an external advisor to think through challenging problems.


Companies use "AMA" sessions to get advice on all aspects of their people team roadmap, building thriving distributed work models, people technology, and more.


Personal career coaching is offered at a discounted rate!

Shelby Wolpa smiling and holding coffee at Radio Coffee in Austin, Texas

"Ask Me Anything" 30-Minute Session


"Ask Me Anything" 60-Minute Session


Personal Career Coaching
30-Minute Session


Personal Career Coaching
60-Minute Session


What are people saying about my AMAs?


"Shelby’s AMAs are an amazing way to supplement your own expertise. She has an extensive library of tips and tools to help on a myriad of people topics. It’s clear that she’s been there and seen it before. I received enormous value from my AMA session. Thank you Shelby for offering this service to the people community!"

Stacy Leigh Love, People Leader & Advisor

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