People Tech Systems Guide

People Tech Systems Guide

After people team hiring, the #1 topic I’m asked about is people tech systems. 


People leaders are inundated with advertisements and cold call emails for the latest and greatest people technology. 


To demystify people systems for your organization today and as you scale, I’ve created a simple all-in-one guide to help you build your roadmap, evaluate vendors, get internal buy-in, and implement!


In this guide, you will:

  • Get a roadmap for your people system needs through different stages of company growth
  • Gain a pre-vetted list of my favorite 120+ tools, broken down by category
    • (e.g. recruiting optimization, PEO/HRIS, compensation, performance management, health and wellness, people analytics, virtual employee connection, manager development)
  • Learn how to select the right vendor for your needs 
  • Position your people tech system proposal for executive buy-in and approval
  • Plan your implementation


What’s included:

  • People Tech Systems Guide

    • System recommendations

    • Systems roadmap, based on company headcount growth

    • Budget considerations

    • Systems best practices

    • FAQs

    • Getting Started, including sample implementation timelines

  • People Tech Systems Evaluation Template

  • People Tech Strategy Executive Summary (presentation template)


The technology systems you use will evolve over time as your company grows and matures. You can not “set it and forget it” when it comes to your people tools. Use my guide to build your people systems strategy, plan ahead, move quickly, and avoid common mistakes.

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