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It seems that more people than ever are considering making the move from corporate jobs to consulting. The ability to have more control over your work and life is appealing given all the uncertainty in the world around us. However, the transition can be full of fears, unknowns, and self-doubt. 


As I approach the two year anniversary of my own consulting business, I want to give back by sharing the lessons I learned. The best way to address fears around the unknowns of a career decision like this is to break them down into bite-size chunks so you can sort through them in an orderly way. This guide does just that.


In this guide, you will learn:

  • The various ways you can structure your services
  • How to define your unique offering and build your brand
  • Business development, sales, and pricing strategies
  • Focusing on your mental health, celebration, growth, and connection
  • Tactical steps to create your business
  • Frequently asked questions


Becoming your own boss as a consultant is freeing and rewarding. But you need to take a risk to achieve it. Doing so is a highly personal decision. For me, it was the best professional decision I’ve made.  


Use the information and the questions in the guide to break down the various considerations. They will enable you to decide what is best for you and put your plan together.

Consultant Getting Started Guide

  • After purchasing the digital product, you will be given access to the product materials immediately through a download delivered through my website and via email. You understand and agree that the product materials may not be shared with any third party. 

  • If you're not completely satisfied with the guide, I'll provide you with a "no questions asked" refund within 30 days of purchase. 

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