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Customer Case Study: Guru Benefits Program

One of my clients, Guru has an incredible company culture.

During our ~2 years working together, we revamped their workplace, benefits, and perks programs to support their hybrid remote team. Guru has:

✅ Increased their professional development budget to further invest in employee learning

​​✅ Increased their wellness budget

​​✅ Reduced leased office space and added as-needed collaboration spaces, using Gable

✅ Upgraded their benefits broker for access to more competitive health plans

​​✅ Increased their paid parental leave to support working parents

​​✅ Established a Digital Nomad Perk

​​✅ Revamped their employee anniversary program with Blueboard

​​✅ Launched a paid sabbatical program, including subsidized travel

It’s been a pleasure to work with Guru’s people team as they built, launched, and iterated on these amazing programs. Keep up the good work! I’m excited for what’s to come 🎉


Interested in revamping your compensation, benefits, perks, and workplace programs to support a remote-first workforce at your organization? Contact me!

Here are three ways I can help, whenever you’re ready:

  1. Schedule an "Ask Me Anything" micro consulting session to get 1:1 advice

  2. Buy a Remote Work Playbook to leapfrog your progress

  3. Advisor to your leadership and people team to build a strong people operations foundation and best-in-class employee experiences


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